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Life Skill Training

Life Skill Training

Java Academy is engaged in offering excellent Life Skill Training students and freshers from its base in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Significant Benefits of Life Skills Training :
We provide India's first unique and innovative Life Skills Training using the "language of sports" - to make learning interesting and easy to grasp.

Kris Srikkanth inspires and stimulates to guide through a program of career building and personality development.
Our training programs is a great learning portal for career enhancement and personality development through the medium of sports.

Objective of Life Skills Training:
The prime objective of a Life Skills Training is to encourage and inspire an individual or group of participants to meet the challenges of everyday life with responsibility. Through our program we work on a broad gamut of problem-solving behaviors.

The success of the course is dependent on the students’ incorporation of these behaviors in their lives during and after completing the program.

Life Skills Training is successful when students and freshers not only prove their ability to practice new problem-solving skills in a group and use the skills in their personal lives, but also teach these skills to others in their life.

To provide and realize life skills that help anyone handle important responsibilities towards oneself Family, Leisure, Society and Employment through this well-structured courseware pertaining to the international standards.

Our program methodology is unique and innovative. It is one of a kind where each lesson's components includes rationale, goals, objectives, real time anecdotes, interactivities and assessments.

India has a huge workforce seeking employment but only handful are employable. Why? because the rest require life skills to enhance their career. Here is the data to prove our point. Only:

  • 25% - Engineers,
  • 15% - Finance and Accounting professionals,
  • 10% - Graduates from colleges and Universities are employable
  • 80% fresher's find it difficult to sustain their position when they enter into a new organization
  • 60% of working professionals are not able to scale up in the current role.

According to a recent survey report:
  • 5 Lakh engineers who graduated last year, only 17.45 per cent are employable.
  • The percentage of ready-to-deploy engineers for IT jobs is grimly low at 2.68 per cent. Only 17.45 per cent of them are employable for the IT services sector.
  • While a dismal 3.51 per cent are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. Further, only 2.68 per cent are employable in IT product companies, which require greater understanding of computer science and algorithms.
  • Concentrating on increasing quantity of engineers has impacted quality drastically.
  • Potential of these skills About 30 million job vacancies for skilled force is available at any point of time all round the year
  • Expected learning outcomes include a combination of knowledge, values, attitudes and skills with a particular emphasis on those skills that related to critical thinking and problem solving, self-management and communication and inter-personal skills.

Therefore, the need of the hour is our Life Skill Training Program to
  • Motivate and inspire individuals/ teams to perform their best
  • Build confidence and awareness among students and freshers
  • Boost the performance of an organization
  • Enhance the overall efficiency of the individuals and teams
  • Facilitate better growth & profitability of an organization